F‑Script   Cocoa Developer's Best Friend

What it is

A set of open source tools that complement Xcode and Interface Builder.

What it does

Interactive introspection, manipulation and scripting of Cocoa objects.

What it brings

Huge productivity gains and a lot of fun!

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The F-Script shell provides an interactive command line interface for manipulating Objective-C objects.
  • Use a fully featured object-oriented shell.
  • Manipulate objects interactively or write scripts.
  • Save and load objects easily.
  • Express complex object manipulations quickly and easily with a high-level programming model.
  • Access the Cocoa frameworks as well as your own Objective-C objects.

The object browser lets you graphically find, explore and manipulate objects.
  • Explore objects and methods.
  • Browse Objective-C instances and Objective-C classes.
  • Quickly locate attributes and methods with the search field.
  • Graphically Invoke methods.
  • Navigate Cocoa bindings.
  • Explore Core Data objects graphs.
  • Select objects on screen with the "Select and browse" magic button.
  • Add custom actions to the browser.

Powerful tools let you inspect objects.
  • Query Core Data interactively.
  • Explore Cocoa collections (arrays, dictionaries, etc.)
  • Edit and run scripts.
  • Inspect Cocoa objects.

F-Script integration examples

You can embed F-Script into your own applications thanks to a set of components which are extremely easy to use. F-Script is used in a number of Mac OS X applications. Here are a few selected examples of F-Script integration.

Super Debugger for iOS iOS developers's best friend!
TranslateIt! TranslateIt! is a popular multilingual dictionary for looking up words on the fly in any application. It offers F-Script support for advanced users, allowing automation and external system integration.
Colloquy Colloquy is a Mac OS X chat client that provides excellent integration with F-Script. Colloquy let you write plugins with F-Script in order to customize or enhance it. Example...
Daylite Daylite is the award-winning business productivity suite from Marketcircle Inc. It embeds the F-Script engine and uses it for scripting and reporting.
ObjectiveCLIPS ObjectiveCLIPS is a rule-based development environment for Cocoa. It combines Cocoa and Core Data together with F-Script and CLIPS (the original NASA's expert system engine). With it, Cocoa developers can design rule-based applications around their Core Data object models. The inference engine can reason about rules and apply them when needed.
OpenBase SQL Originally developed for the OpenStep platform, OpenBase SQL is now a highly acclaimed multi-platform relational database management system from OpenBase International. With OpenBase SQL, Mac OS X developers or DBA can use F-Script to write stored procedures.
Event Horizon Event Horizon is a 3D first person shooter/mission/trading game set in space. F-Script can be used to write Event Horizon plugins. It is also integrated in the game-play itself to let the player interact with the game through a console.
OHR OHR is a platform for research in music theory. It is an excellent example of how F-Script is used by the research community. In OHR, F-Script is used to aid workflow between Music analysis tools, making it possible to specify music-theory material and to exchange it between existing tools.
Billings Billings, the popular time tracking, quoting and invoicing application from Marketcircle Inc., provides scripting and advanced reporting facilities using F-Script.
Project X Project X, the new, award-wining, project management software from Marware, makes use of a highly innovative engine powered by F-Script and the most recent Mac OS X technologies.
LSQL LSQL is an interactive tool for Sybase databases. It uses F-Script to provide a powerful scripting and extension layer.
LensForge LensForge is a lens design program that embeds the F-Script engine to facilitate analysis of lens properties.
Bellhop Bellhop allows you to use F-Script, along with other scripting languages such as Python and Ruby, for creating and publishing Mac OS X services.
SiteTagger SiteTagger is a powerful tag-based bookmarks manager. Dedicated support for using F-Script from inside the application is provided by its F-Script scripting plugin.

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