New and shinny: F-Script articles in Japanese

F-Script 2 Overview

Welcome to F-Script 2

Language Fundamentals

F-Script Guide (PDF)

OOPAL: Integrating Array Programming in Object-Oriented Programming (PDF)

O'Reilly/MacTech Article Series

Exploring Cocoa with F-Script

Learn F-Script in 20 minutes and have fun playing with Core Image

Scripting Cocoa with F-Script

Creating Cocoa Classes With F-Script

System-wide Scripting with F-Script

Embedding F-Script into Cocoa Applications

Accessing Mac OS X Frameworks with FScript

Google Chart API Fun with Cocoa and F-Script

The game of Reverse in F-Script


Fun Script

Audio & Video

NSConference 2009: New Cocoa Programming Superpowers

Google Tech Talk: F-Script - A Scripting Solution for Mac OS X/Cocoa

CocoaCast: F-Script with Philippe Guitard

Late Night Cocoa with F-Script

Industry Misinterpretations Episode 91: F-Scripting


F-Script - A Scripting Solution for Mac OS X/Cocoa (slides from the F-Script Google Tech Talk)

An Introduction to Smalltalk for Objective-C Programmers (slides from the O'Reilly Mac OS X conference 2004, PDF format) and the associated Notes from the fall article

Release Notes

F-Script Release notes


F-Script discussion group

Marketcircle forums for discussing F-Script in the context of Daylite and Billings

Additional Tutorial & Articles

Cocoa Samurai F-Script Tutorial: Part 1 - Introduction

Saving QuickTime Movies from the Web with F-Script

The F-Script Smalltalk Extensions

Using an Autorelease Pool with F-Script

F-Script Code Snippets

Playing with the Fibonacci Sequence