New F-Script Discussion Group

You are invited to join and to use this group for technical questions or discussions about F-Script and related subjects. This is also the place where you can get notified of the latest releases.

You can access the group at

F-Script 2.0 RC1 Released

F-Script 2.0 Release Candidate 1 is available (download).

F-Script 1.3.5 Binary Distribution Updated

This new distribution (download) comes with F-Script Anywhere for Leopard and updated documentation.

New Article: Learn F-Script in 20 Minutes and Have Fun Playing with Core Image

F-Script is an open-source scripting layer dedicated to Cocoa. If you aren't using it yet, this is your chance to learn how it can improve your productivity as well as those of the users of your own Cocoa applications. In this article, our goal will be to produce a nice little animation using fancy Core Image effects. In doing so, we will learn the basics of F-Script. So install yourself comfortably in front of your Mac, download the latest F-Script version from and enjoy the trip!

Read the article...

FSClass 2.0 and fscript UNIX command line tool 1.5 released

Andrew Weinrich has released major updates to fscript and FSClass. Below is Andrew's announce:

FSClass is a bundle that lets you write new classes directly in F-Script, instead of having to code them in Objective-C. Classes created with the bundle produce authentic Cocoa objects that interact with the rest of the application just like an NSString or other native object.

New features in FSClass 2.0 include:

FSClass 2.0 is available for download at

In addition, version 1.5 of the fscript command-line interpreter is now available. This program lets you run script files and use an interactive F-Script prompt inside a Terminal window or over SSH. The program includes numerous enhancements and extra features, like printf, regular expressions, and line-oriented file IO, that make F-Script more suited as a general-purpose system scripting language.

New features in fscript 1.5:

fscript is available for download at

F-Script Google Tech Talk Video

I went to Google last June with Ken Ferry to give a talk on F-Script. It is now available online in the Google TechTalks collection. In this video, we explain how F-Script can be used to directly interact with objects and applications at run-time on Mac OS X and how it can be used as a development tool when building Cocoa applications. Also covered is the array programming model of F-Script and how it contrasts with other languages such as Python, Ruby and C# 3 with Linq.

F-Script on Late Night Cocoa

Jonathan "Wolf" Rentzsch discuss hacking Cocoa.

F-Script 1.3.5 Released

This release provides preliminary Leopard support along with new features and bug fixes. It also includes F-Script Anywhere, by Robert Chin and Nicholas Riley, which lets you dynamically inject a complete F-Script environment into any Cocoa application. This lets you take control of Cocoa applications from F-Script, examine objects, add new feature etc.

Download F-Script 1.3.5 here. See the release notes for a detailed description of what is new in this version.

New Tutorial

Colin Wheeler has published a tutorial for F-Script.

New Articles

Ripplon Software has published a new set of articles and code snippets.

Philippe H. Regenass provides a graphical tutorial for Exploring CoreData with F-Script.

WWDC 2006 F-Script Video

Developers with access to Leopard videos from WWDC 2006 can now watch a great presentation showing how to use F-Script to explore and debug Cocoa applications.

Session 152 - Cocoa Development Tips, Tricks, and Debugging Techniques.

Apple Design Awards

F-Script is the winner of the Apple Design Award 2006 runner-up for the Best Mac OS X Developer Tool.

Article: Exploring Cocoa with F-Script

"If you are a Cocoa developer, you already know that the dynamic nature of Objective-C and Cocoa is what makes them so flexible and powerful. In terms of development tools, the power of a dynamic object-oriented environment like Cocoa translates into original tools like Interface Builder or F-Script, an open source project that is presented in this article. F-Script is an integrated set of tools that makes it possible to interactively explore and manipulate Cocoa objects as well as script them using new high-level programming techniques. This article shows you how to use some of its most impressive features and demonstrates how it can be a useful addition to your developer toolkit." Read more...

Daylite 3 Developer Kit Released

Marketcircle has released the Daylite 3 Public Developer Kit, which explains how to make use of the F-Script engine built in Daylite 3.